About me

As an illustrator with a background in fine art painting, Carla Millar believes in the power of the figurative, and the impact of detail, to affect the thoughts and emotions of the viewer.

Specializing in illustration, sequential art, and character/object design, Carla has been regularly commissioned for magazine editorial and cover illustrations, books, game card art and multi-media projects.

Among her clients are current affairs magazines, newspapers, and websites — such as New Dawn, The Spectator (UK), and ConHome (UK) — publishers, including Torazzi Press (graphic novel Eutopia 2055), Carla Millarand Crossroad Publishing Company (graphic novel The Grand Inquisitor), and game card creators Warlord (Phoenix-Interactive) and Herobits Corp.

Carla received her Bachelor of Fine Arts (Hons.) Degree, with a Major in Painting, from the University of Manitoba, Canada. With her thesis painting work having been partly inspired by Britain’s youth subculture and its impact on America, after graduating, she moved to London to experience its artistic and cultural movements. After returning to Canada she worked as a colorist at Digital Chameleon, digitally painting and inking graphic novels for such companies as DC, Marvel, and Dark Horse.  She now resides in New York City.

Available for commissions and illustration work, she can be contacted at:

carlamillar1 [at] gmail.com